Flu Clinic

Flu Clinic

Click here for the 2016/2017 Flu Clinic Schedule at each of our offices; Wesford, Groton and Fitchburg.

You can also request an appointment online or call our office at (978) 577-0437 to schedule a flu vaccine for your child. Injectable flu vaccine is available for patients 6 months and older. Please include the following information with your request: Patient(s) name, DOB, date and time requested, and which location. If the time requested is not available, we will book your appointment in the next available spot. You will receive a confirmation via text or e-mail regarding the time. Please call the office to reschedule if needed. If your child has a Well Visit scheduled, he/she can receive the flu vaccine at that time.

Does your child have an egg allergy or sensitivity?

Influenza vaccine is grown in eggs and people with severe egg allergies may not be able to get the influenza vaccine. Please see your allergist if your child has a severe allergy to eggs.

Patients who can tolerate eggs that are cooked or in baked goods can safely get the flu shot.

Patients with egg allergies can contact Dianne, 978-619-5447, at Allergy West, a practice of Pediatrics West, to schedule an appointment to get your flu vaccine.

What if my child has already been immunized elsewhere?

Please call the office at 978-577-0437 if your child has already received the flu vaccine so that medical records can be updated.