AthletesIf your child or teen has an injury or illness that affects sports performance, exercise, or activity, Pediatrics West has the expertise, experience, and qualifications to treat their youth specific condition.

Children and teens should not be treated as small adults. In growing children and teens, injuries and medical problems in the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints (i.e., musculoskeletal conditions) often are quite different from conditions more commonly seen in an older person. Pediatrics West’s physicians know how to examine and treat children and teens in a way that makes them relaxed and cooperative.

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Athletic problems of active children and teens

Our pediatricians treat and manage the musculoskeletal problems of active children and teens, including the following:

Sprains and strains
Minor fractures and avulsions
Stress fractures
Ligament injuries
Overuse injuries
Cartilage injuries
Concussions (Check out the ImPACT program)
Exercise-induced asthma
Heat illness
Nutrition and supplement issues
Eating disorders
Unique conditions of the athlete with special needs