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  • Allergy Tips

    Source: Allergies and Asthma: What Every Parent Needs to Know, by the American Academy of Pediatrics. WHEN TO SUSPECT AN ALLERGY Here are some common clues that could lead you to suspect your child may have an allergy: Repeated or chronic cold-like symptoms that last more than a week or two, or develop at about

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  • Tick Time

    This is the time of year when deer ticks seem to be everywhere.  Nurses at Pediatrics West are flooded with questions from anxious moms about what to do in the case of a tick bite. When I advise parents about Lyme disease, first and foremost I stress the importance of prevention.  Bug repellants do not

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  • Sign-up for e-statements

    e-Bills are an environmentally friendly and efficient way to receive your bill every month. e-Bills send a paperless bill of all your charges electronically instead of through the mail. By following the instructions in the email you can securely review your bill online. e-Bills is a free service that saves time and allows you to

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  • Pediatrics West is your Family-Centered Medical Home

    What Is a Family-Centered Medical Home? “The Medical Home is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective care.” (AAP policy statement, 2002, reaffirmed 2008). This means our practice, as your Medical Home, is a central resource for all of your child’s care needs. In a Medical Home, your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s

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  • Bullying: It’s Not OK

    School violence has been the focus of media attention in recent years, mostly due to coverage of events such as school shootings and suicides. A common issue that has come into the spotlight relating these tragedies is bullying. What exactly is bullying? Not surprisingly, there is no uniform definition of bullying. A recent American Academy

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