Concussion Evaluation

Concussion EvaluationPediatrics West is a credentialed ImPACT Consultant. ImPACT is a computer-based concussion evaluation system that can help objectively track an injured athlete’s recovery for a safe return to play, thereby preventing the cumulative effects of multiple concussions.

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Baseline Testing

Pediatrics West offers baseline concusion testing for all athletes ages 11 and up. The test is open to all patients, but it is highly recommended for all athletes, particularly those who play contact sports, including but not limited to: football, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, lacrosse and wrestling.

Athletes (particularly those who play contact sports) are encouraged to schedule an appointment in our Westford office for a baseline test, which is typically done prior to when an athlete has a concussion. If a student has already received a concussion, they can still do the baseline test as it gives clinicians a marker to measure the athlete’s current baseline.

Baseline concusion testing take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The cost for testing is  $25.

Please contact Leah at 978-577-0437 if you would like information regarding a supervised Baseline Clinic in your school’s computer lab. Discounted rates are offered for schools and sports teams.

Post-concussion Testing

If the patient has a head injury and a concussion is suspected or confirmed, they can return to the office for a follow up evaluation with their provider and testing. The ImPACT test helps our physicians track your athlete’s recovery more accurately and allows them to know when the athlete will be ready to return to play without risking further (and more serious injury). All post-concussion testing will be billed through the patient’s health insurance.

Once an athlete has a concussion, they can return for post-concussion testing to help the providers determine when they are ready for a safe return to play. All post-testing will be billed to the patient’s insurance.

To book an appointment, call our office at 978-577-0437.