Have you gotten your child’s flu shot yet?

We are beginning to see cases of flu at Pediatrics West. Our providers strongly encourage patients to get vaccinated. We still have clinics available in each of our offices.

You can click on request an appointment (preferred) or call our office at 978-577-0437 to schedule a flu vaccine for your child.


These clinics are by appointment only. Walk ins may be turned away.

Injectable flu vaccine is available for patients 6 months and older.

We have a limited supply of flu mist.

Please include the following information with your request:

  • Patient(s) name
  • DOB
  • Date / Time requested
  • Location 

    If the time requested is not available, we will book your appointment in the next available spot. You will receive a confirmation via text or e-mail regarding the time. Please call the office to reschedule if needed.

    If your child has a Well Visit scheduled, he/she can receive the flu vaccine at that time.


Wednesday  12/2/15 MIST available 4pm-8pm

Saturday    12/5/15 MIST available 9am-1pm

Wednesday 12/9/15 MIST available 4pm-8pm

Saturday 12/12/15 injectable only 9am-1pm


Wednesday 12/2/15 injectable only 5pm-8pm

Thursday 12/3/15 MIST available 3-8pm

Thursday 12/10/15 MIST available 4pm-8pm

Thursday 12/17/15 injectable only 4pm-8pm


Thursday 12/10/15 MIST available 3pm-7pm

Wednesday 12/23/15 injectable only 4:30pm-7:30pm


Patients with a true egg allergy will need to contact their allergist to find out whether they can receive the flu vaccine. If yes, the vaccine will need to be given by the allergist.

Patients with a history of hives only after eating egg (either natural egg or baked egg) or eczema exacerbation, may receive the flu shot at the PCP office with 30 minute wait period. These patients will not be scheduled in flu clinics.

Allergy West patients with any reaction to egg other than isolated hives will be required to receive flu shot at Allergy West with 30 minute wait period. Please contact Dorothy or Dianne at 978-619-5447 to schedule an appointment.

All studies to date have evaluated the safety of injectable inactivated vaccine, and therefore injectable rather than intranasal influenza vaccine should be used for egg allergic patients.

Visit the CDC website for more information regarding people with egg allergies.

Please call the office at (978) 577-0437 if your child has already received the flu vaccine elsewhere so that medical records can be updated.

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