Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

We support children in their journey to becoming healthy, confident adults, maximizing their unique potential. The greatest responsibility one person can give another is to care for his or her child. We assume the mantle of this responsibility with diligence, intellectual rigor, efficiency and compassion.

Corporate Values

We accomplish our Mission by living and modeling our “I Care” Values, which is how we will treat and act towards each other.

“I Care” stands for…

I is Integrity – We promise to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason to deliver quality pediatric care. Everything we do is for the common good of the organization and not for personal gain. We are honest and ethical. We follow a moral compass.

C is Compassion – Compassion comes in many forms. It is demonstrated by answering all questions. Apologizing to each other. Asking for help when needed. Using pleasantries with each other and truly meaning when asked, how are you doing? Giving constructive feedback. We do not jump to conclusions – we investigate, then we respond.

A is Appreciation -. We never forget we are in the people business and ONLY by working together as a team, can we be successful. We say thank you and truly mean it. We help each other freely. We recognize each other at every opportunity. We truly understand everyone’s role is critical to the success of the Practice.

R is Respect – We treat each other the way we all want to be treated. We ask for input and suggestions. We listen to understand. We don’t over react. We seek to understand and believe actions first come from well intentions. We test assumptions. We give feedback first hand. We praise publicly and give constructive feedback individually. We love the diversity of thought.

E is Excellence – We strive to be the best we can be individually and collectively for the patient value chain experience. We seek to learn daily and to continually improve in every activity we do. We challenge assumptions and encourage employees to speak their mind.