New Strep Test Now Available At All Locations

Pediatrics West is pleased to introduce the “Alere I Strep A” test at all three locations. This is a one-step test that will replace the current rapid strep test that we have done for years.

The trouble with the rapid strep test is that while it is very good at diagnosing a child as having strep, it was not good at proving that a child did not have strep.  This low sensitivity (for those of you who like statistics) means that a negative result always had to be double-checked by sending a test to the lab.  There were too many times when this culture would come back two days later as having strep and the child was sick for two days longer than they should have been.  To make matters worse, the culture was expensive and drove up the cost of caring for sick kids.

The new Alere test uses a method that a few years ago, was only available in research laboratories.  Molecular amplification acts as a magnifying glass to detect the presence of a tiny number of bacteria.  Because this delivers results that are comparable to both culture and reference laboratory techniques, the backup culture is not required.  In less than 8 minutes we can provide you with the most accurate strep test available.

While this Alere test is slightly more expensive than the rapid test, when we consider the number of cultures that will not be required, the overall cost of care is reduced.  At Pediatrics West, we are proud to have your trust in caring for your children.  As medical science progresses, we will continue to update our technology while continuing to provide the care and compassion that you are accustomed to.

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