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From the Blog

    • JULY 12, 2019

    Watch Out for Warts

    Warts are pesky lesions that can show up on your child’s skin year round. They are caused by a virus and are mildly contagious. They are not a reflection of being “unclean.” To decrease your child’s risk of acquiring or spreading warts encourage them to avoid deliberately touching or picking at warts and to wear

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    • JUNE 25, 2019

    Concussion’s, what are they, what do I do if I think my child has suffered a concussion?

    By: Eric Hebert, CPNP AC/PC A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that usually occurs from a bump on the head or sudden jarring of the head and body that causes the brain to move around. This injury pattern results in chemical changes in the brain and symptoms that include confusion, headache, memory issues, sluggish

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Highest quality pediatric care from birth through college for over 40 years. We are a private, independent practice dedicated to supporting children in their journey to becoming healthy, confident adults.

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